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just another homestuck fandom blog :33 expect much reblogging, shitty art, and gushy fangirlish text posts by the dozens
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What pumpkin? I can assure you there is no pumpkin on this blog. Don't be silly.
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((au where aradia falls in love with one of the neighborhood pool lifeguards after almost getting a concussion))
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I’ve gotten so many requests for fem!Tav, how could I resist??Also, now I can’t stop thinking of big Bara Babe Tav with short lil Gamz.
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what did you say ya lil shit
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this looks good but the sketch looked better sobs
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Who the hell is this asshole??I’ll never tell
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Oooh would a drabble or so about Feferi and paint (warpaint, her marriage day paint, something relating to gamzee, really whatever you want) be acceptable?


definitely acceptable! i’m going to use this moment to explore a dynamic i’m not sure if i’ll get to in the fic proper, so let’s goooo!

Your name is Feferi Peixes and you think this is Gamzee’s way of bonding?

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