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just another homestuck fandom blog :33 expect much reblogging, shitty art, and gushy fangirlish text posts by the dozens
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:33 < meowrails fur life!!!
and i finally finished it ahhh 
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By the Book (of Mirth)


This is a comic I’ve been pecking at since the beginning of march, about Dualscar’s meeting with the Grand Highblood.

Put behind a readmore because for whatever dumb reason I thought it would be a good idea to give GHB’s lines a blinky-glowy effect that’s basically impossible to fix now without it taking another month, and it might be too strobey, so make sure to squint— oh and also i changed coloring styles at some point without noticing? sorry about that

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was going to wait til i had all four patrons done to post but ya know what who care
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bad girls bad girls what you gonna do
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 it feels like nobody is scared of losing me.
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Thank you all very much!!!  
A couple of you suggested Creaturestuck to celebrate, and I obliged. UuU  It’s been a long time since i’ve played around with these babies, BMMFG is taking over my life.
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Hi Equius