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also Diamonds and Stars stuff
I always figured tanktops would be appropriate pale-pornstar-seme costuming.  exposed enough to be vulnerable but shows off your arm muscles like hey wow look at this strong, dependable soul mate he sure can give big hugs and fight for you and hold you when you’re upset unlike the opposite role which is a lot of comfortable, sleep-wear kind of stuff, lots of really big shirts and baggy sweaters.
I think about these things okay
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rips from the upd8 if you need em

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GamTav, how about in Halloween Town of TNBC? Only if you can of course!


Gamzee thought that if it worked for Sally it might work for him.

It did. :)

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things i’m also a fan of: equius was so mad that he thought one of his robots was judging him for making out with another robot that he punched the robot hard enough to collapse a mountain, activate a doomsday device, and kill two lusii

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pssst a meenah in #8 would be beautiful :o


it was too light to see properly so i gave it a tonal adjustment BUT hereeeeeeeeees meenah


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I'm going to be a lil poop here and go with Signless - Jesus Christ Superstar. 8D
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Really, really wish I could scan this, but I tried to take a good clear picture of it!

By God did I love inking her hair. Drawing curves and swirls is one of the greatest pleasures in life…
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Where the fuck is condy? i dont usually draw beforus trolls, but when i do, i make sure they look kawaii.
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equisol, 48? :3


48. meeting again at a high school reunion au

Nepeta was the one who convinced him to come to this; Equius Zahhak didn’t have many friends in high school. But she had begged, and pleaded, and whined (a little), and (mostly) resorted to blackmail, all because “if I go without you, people will spend the whole night asking about you and it’ll ger super annoying!” 

So he was back in his high school’s gym at 6:45 pm on a Sunday, standing by the bleachers with a cup of virgin punch while Nepeta cooed over Terezi’s baby.

"Holy shit," a voice came from beside him, and Equius turned so quickly he nearly spilled his drink. "Equius Zahhak?" 

It took Equius a long moment of staring to remember who he was looking at. “Captor…?” 

"Yeah. Holy shit, you’re huge." Like he was one to talk. Though Sollux had been one of the taller boys in their graduating class, it seemed as though he was a foot taller now than he was ten years prior, now even taller than Equius for sure. His acne was gone, and his skin looked like it had actually seen sunlight and was all the better for it. He no longer wore prescription anaglyphic glasses, but now had plain, clear lenses on a handsome thin frame. And gone (at least for the night) were the sloppy graphic tee shirts; he was actually wearing dress clothes. 

"Uh… thank you?" Equius asked. He hadn’t realized people would be noticing his new bulk, and it was a bit strange to receive compliments on it. He had wrestled for a while in high school, before his hyperhidrosis led him to quit, but a few years later he had taken up an interest in MMA, and it showed. 

"No, yeah, that was definitely a compliment," Sollux assured him. "I didn’t expect to see you here. This doesn’t seem like your kind of scene." 

"To be fair, it doesn’t seem like yours, either," Equius commented, and Sollux was… gaping at him? 

"Are you kidding? The chance to see how badly the people I despised screwed up their lives? I wouldn’t miss it for… well, there aren’t many things I’d miss it for." He cackled. "Speaking of, did you see Ampora? Apparently premature balding is a thing in his family." 

Despite himself, Equius smiled a little at the thought. He remember Eridan’s vanity well, and the way he often tried to solicit Nepeta’s attention. “I will have to keep an eye out for it.” 

"Last I heard, he went to the bathroom to spray the bald spot black." Sollux informed him. "So, why are you here?” 

"Nepeta brought me along," Equius told him, seeking her out in the crowd. It appeared she was in a conversation with Tavros, Karkat, and Gamzee. He resolved to keep an eye on it.

"I’m glad she did." Or not, as he turned his head quickly to give Sollux a surprised look. 


"Yeah," Sollux nodded. "I mean, we made a good team the few times we worked together. Hardware guy, software guy. Not that my wares are always soft," he winked. Equius felt his cheeks warm up. 


"I’m flirting you with." He said bluntly. "Just, by the way." 

"I… see. I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but… why?" 

"Have you looked in a mirror lately?" Sollux drawled. "You’re kind of gorgeous." 

For lack of anything better to say, all Equius could muster was, “Oh.” 

"Yeah. So, how about you let me refill that drink for you, and we can get reacquainted?" 

Equius handed over his cup, and Sollux beamed.